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Travelling is an essential requirement for every human being. It opens up new routes for knowledge to seep in, and exposes us to variety of personalities, cultures and amazing landscapes that are unique to each nation.
Being wholly involved in the travel trade for over 24 years, out of which well-seasoned 8 years are spent in the lavish ambience of Maldives, we are well acquainted with the world of benefits that travelling can bestow on you… especially for eco-tourism.

So pack up your green self, with your near and dear ones, and let's enjoy the multitude of wonders that the Sri Lankan isle and the glorious Maldives can offer you.

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Barefoot Luxury in Maldives Special offer
Greentree Holidays Travel Tour Operator is allowing you to make the most of your precious holiday time, a Twin Centre stay of Maldives and Sri Lanka is the ideal combination.