Our goal is high quality care for all, now and For future generations Value support and knowledge putting patient’s First, partnership for Quality Health care.

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Hotel Accommodation for Patients and families relaxing tropical ambient is synonymous with every ingredient for memorable holidays within your medical travel.
Patients and families traveling, Luxurious, Heavenly, Tranquil, Exotic, Inviting, Clean, Safe, These fine resorts and hotels abroad are chosen with your procedure in mind, so you will recover in an environment offering the highest hygienic standards. Once discharged, patients can recuperate in five-star hotels International Hospital provides hotel accommodation lists and cooperate rate of hotels near by the hospital.
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To secure in the quality of service provided by their ambulance service.
To save lives, reduce suffering and enhance quality of life, through the provision of accessible and responsive quality patient care and transport.
We value our reputation and professional profile and these values influence the way our business is conducted and how our organization is managed. We do this with accountability, integrity and innovation. We value the passion, effectiveness and potential of our people, and their need to feel valued and respected.
We will achieve our goals through the expertise of our people, with effective leadership, the provision of exceptional service delivery and our commitment and partnership with the community.
As an integral part of the s health system we are committed to ensuring the best possible health outcomes for our patients and our staff.
We will also ensure ambulance services evolve to meet the changing needs of the community and will do this through innovation and community engagement.
We will work in partnership with our health and emergency service colleagues, and other private agencies to ensure the best outcomes for all
Visa for Medical treatment all hospitals will do you visa requirements for free depending on your hospitalization and treatment.
Once you have arrived in your destination, you are greeted at the airport by your Destination Manager who understands and wants to make certain that you are comfortable. Not long after your arrival and discovery of the finest accommodations you may have ever experienced, you are escorted to a world class medical facility, where you meet English-speaking, educated professionals who provide an initial examination and answer questions.
Selected Pharmacies will offer you a special discount on purchasing of your medicine no waiting in queue management, our Digital healthcare system will mail your Pharmacies requirement’s support free, Please provide your G.T.M.T Card to the Pharmacy Counter! Contact: Contact: info@greentreeholidays.com
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Our personalized transport service will help you with all your needs Home to Hospital, Hospital to Home.
Personalized Airport service l, Air medical services, Ambulance or our personnel green tree medical transport service.