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Green Tree Eco Holidays and Eco Team thanks each one you and welcomes you for responsible travel to the natural areas of Sri Lanka which conserves the environment and improves the welfare of the people of Sri Lanka Make the Earth cooler have a wet forest .

Trees absorb carbon and make clouds. They also help restore ecosystems by reducing erosion, balancing the water cycle and stopping desertification. 90 % of known terrestrial species live in forests, making them the most important repository of terrestrial biodiversity.

The green tree Eco team offers wildlife, nature and adventure tours all around Sri Lanka. We offer Nature and Adventure trekking tours, Caving tours , Mountain biking and Cycling tours , Hot air Ballooning tours , Nature Weddings and Honeymoon tours  , off road 4WD adventure tours , Safari Camping tours , Photography and filming tours  , Rock climbing , Scenic rail ride tours , Rain forest exploration , Special Study of flora and fauna tours , Wildlife Safaris , Cultural Festivals  , Kayaking/canoeing , Snorkeling and Scuba Diving , Surfing , Turtle watching , Water skiing , Whale and dolphin watching , White water rafting , Windsurfing , Island and deep sea fishing tours in Sri Lanka and much more. These are all off the beaten track – reserved exclusively for the adventurous, nature loving and the wildlife enthusiast

Plant a tree with green Tree Eco Team Build up a friend ship Inviting Nature into our Lives !